Fancy Deals - Weight Dumbbell Set 44 LB Adjustable for Men Women Home Body Building
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Weight Dumbbell Set 44 LB Adjustable for Men & Women Home Body Building Training
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Weight Dumbbell Set 44 LB Adjustable for Men &
Women Home Body Building Training

This adjustable dumbbell set is made of high-quality, odorless, soft, and durable material.
No matter how the handlebar rolls without deforming or breaking, those handlebars
for a long time to use. Environmentally friendly and durable material. They are easy to carry and
can better handle your physical condition at any time. The set is a Safe and Reliable, Non-slip, 
solid, and good quality thick arch-shaped dumbbell bar that can better protect you and your
family's health.

The Weight Dumbbell Set Portable and Practical. These travel handlebars are foldable
and include rods and other parts that reduce travel's burden. Easy to store and very suitable
for travel. For your indoor or outdoor exercise program. Free weights are essential to staying
healthy because you can use them anytime. You don't need high-end gyms or professional
fitness equipment with this exercise weight setting. Use this fitness equipment at home,
outdoors, in the studio, or hotel.

Weight Dumbbell Set 44 LB Adjustable for Men & Women,
Home Body Building Training Features:


  • This Weight Dumbbell Set is for arm exercises, muscle building, etc., to help you
    train a perfect and attractive body.
  • The material is wear-resistant, impact-resistant, environmentally friendly, and odorless.
  • The Adjustable dumbbell weight is effective and economical for strength

  • The Heavy dumbbells are perfect for building massive muscles in the
    arms and shoulders, stability, and core strength.
  • The Weight dumbbells are a great complement to increased resistance
    squats, lunges, cardio workouts, and more.
  • Build a healthy body, burn fat and build a well-balanced body, free weight
    training with dumbbells is more effective than exercise machines.
  • Add weight to your workout, gradually building muscle to burn calories.
    Suitable for more immense body challenges in lunges, squats, bicep curls,
    shoulder presses, or back walks.


Package Includes:
4x 2kg / 4.4lb Weight Plates
4x 1.5kg / 3.3 lb Weight Plates
4x 1.25kg / 2.8 lb Weight Plates
4x Spinlock
2x Bar


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