Fancy Deals - 24 Egg Incubator Duck Bird Automatic Turning Temperature Control
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24 Egg Incubator Duck Bird Automatic Turning Temperature Control
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24 Egg Incubator Duck Bird Automatic
Turning Temperature Control



Our 24 Egg Incubator Duck Bird Turning is made of high quality. ABS material is durable
and lightweight. Intelligent temperature and humidity double display egg incubator,
with transparent shell, easy to observe the hatching situation can be used to hatch chicken eggs, 
duck eggs, goose eggs, quail eggs, etc. Automatic Egg Turning can effectively reduce
the death of chicks caused by difficulty in hatching and effectively increase the hatching rate.

The hatching eggs are put in, the power supply connected, and the temperature and
humidity can be adjusted easily through the control panel. There are temperature and
humidity display panels and incubation days display boards better to control the temperature,
humidity, and incubation time. This 24 Egg Incubator Duck Bird Automatic Turning uses
a multi-grid water tank design to ensure that the humidity in each area is within normal 
ranges. Added water by the moisture of each location.

24 Egg Incubator Duck Bird Automatic Turning
Temperature Control Features:

  • The water inlet is easy to fill with water and the temperature display 
    the panel is helpful for better temperature control.
  • The humidity display panel is for better humidity control and the 
    hatching days display will save you time by not having to remember 
    or worry about missing any hatching days.
  • Easy-to-operate buttons on the panel with the image. External power 
    jack is durable and leak-proof.
  • Separated sinks can reduce oxidation caused by oxidation of 
    accessories by dissipating heat evenly with low noise and low 
    power consumption.
  • Automatically alerts when the humidity and temperature are higher 
    than usual for safe use. Suitable for hatching poultry eggs, 
    including chicken, duck, quail, and others.

Package Includes:

1 x Incubator
1 x Egg Candler
1 x Injector
1 x User Manual
1 x US Standard Power Cord


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